Varone, Vivid back at it with ‘Vegas or Bust’

As Prince Harry has so publicly shown, what happens in Las Vegas doesn””t necessarily stay there. And this fact is reconfirmed with the new adult movie Vegas or Bust, the second reality-style, voyeuristic adult movie in Vivid””s Swinging American Style series from rock legend Phil Varone. The new film will be released online on Sept. 25 and in stores nationwide on Oct. 2.

Varone lets viewers see a rarely documented part of beneath-the-sheets Vegas, portrayed by real swingers (not actors), who mix it up non-stop, having sex, partying, living and planning their lives around their sexual play dates.

He also reveals the popular Vegas-based web site, which is used by many swingers to meet up and find parties and other events of interest.

“Vegas is a Mecca for swingers,” says Varone who has been in “the lifestyle” himself for over 20 years. “Because the city is a major tourist attraction, tons of swingers from all over the world visit Vegas and their focus is definitely on partying. The vibe is very laid back and it””s easy to get into the 24-hour-a-day action.”

Varone started swinging when he was a rock drummer with Saigon Kick and Skid Row. He also starred on the VH1 program Celebrity Sex Rehab. In Vegas or Bust, the swingers introduce themselves to the viewer, who gets to know Scott and Nicolette, Siri and Brad, and a girl named Kiwi and Kiwi””s “friend” who spontaneously joins the group. Off they go on a party bus to a private masquerade ball. The invitation is for swingers only (and only couples allowed, no single men) and the sexy fun starts as the bus starts rolling.

“You would be amazed at the number of celebrities and politicians that I meet through swinging,” said Varone. “Everyone is more relaxed in Vegas. We don””t know each other””s last names and keep everything anonymous.¬† I””m one of the few that””s out in the open,” he noted.
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