Tasha Reign, Girlfriends Films team up for CancerCare

Performer/Director Tasha Reign chooses Cancer Care as Girlfriends Films’ August charity. CancerCare will receive $1,000 from Girlfriends Films, which Reign says will honor the memory of her father. Financial donations to the charity support cancer counseling, support groups, and financial assistance.

For more information about CancerCare, visit cancercare.org.To join Tasha Reign and Girlfriends Films in supporting the charitable organization, view community.cancercare.org/donate

“My father passed away from Sarcoma cancer about three years ago, when I was just 21… He was my role model,” says Tasha Reign. “With the public donation to CancerCare, I hope to help raise awareness about the care given to cancer patients and how important it is to their recovery, or in the event of their passing, to their friends and family.”

Acting under the knowledge a cancer diagnosis can turn a person’s world upside down – emotionally, physically, and financially – CancerCare was created to help. The organization provides telephone, online, and face-to-face counseling, support groups, education, publications, and financial and co-payment assistance. Professional oncology social workers offer personalized care, while all of CancerCare’s services are free of charge.

Reign adds, “Support groups and counseling for a patient’s loved ones is pertinent in the overall care for cancer. Everyone is affected by the awful disease in one way or another, so I am honored for Girlfriends Films to donate to this amazing charity, which does so much.”

Tasha Reign is the newest filmmaker to sign a national and international DVD and VOD distribution deal with Girlfriends Films. Reign’s studio, Reign Productions, features movies directed and produced by the superstar.

“Asking Tasha to select August’s donation for our charity program is one of the ways we wanted to welcome her to the Girlfriends Films family,” states Girlfriends Films Vice President Moose. “Cancer care, treatment, and research is extremely important to many of our consumers, so I think Tasha is off to a great start. Of course fans will love her even more when they see her sexy first movie we are distributing at the end of the month.”

“Reign Over Me,” Tasha’s first title through the deal, is slated to release in late August, with a new movie scheduled every other month from Girlfriends Films.

Girlfriends Films has a long history of charitable contributions, having donated over $20,000 in 2012. Each month a performer, director, or industry principal is selected as part of the studio’s charity program, and a donation of $1,000 is given to a philanthropic organization of their choice.

For more information, visit girlfriendsfilmscharities.com.


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