Setting the bar high – Coheed and Cambria

My photographer and I have covered at least 1,000 concerts (literally), if not more, since 1992. From multiple day festivals such as Rocklahoma to lounge shows where there were more people on stage than in the joint.

David (Block, the genius photog and mad scientist behind our awesome website) and I have seen it all. From the early dance track bands in the early 90s; boy bands; you name it and we’ve probably been deep in the trenches.

I know who Coheed and Cambria is, but we’ve never experienced something like we did on Wednesday, Sept. 17 at the House of Blues in Houston, Texas. It was special.

Though the New York band released a new album last year titled The Afterman: Descension, they were on tour to play their entire 2003 platinum selling record — In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 — (IKSSE3 for short) in it’s entirety from start to finish.

Bands attempt this feat all the time, which is tour and perform a particular album, and usually occurs to anniversaries of such record. But none, and I mean, none; not KISS, Aerosmith, TOOL, et al achieved what Coheed and Cambria’s efforts in Houston.

When the band hit the stage, it was breathtaking organized mayhem. When the first note of “The Ring in Return” hit the speakers, a wave of loyalty and respect filled the air. It was like each ticketholder was an actual member of the group. Their bodies were filled by the Coheed and Cambria spirit. Their bodies were being invaded, with welcome, and they didn’t want an exorcism to relieve the goodness.

The soldout crowd knew every word to every song. It wasn’t just every word, but the harmony, pitch and those playing the air guitar probably knew the chords that Claudio Sanchez (vocalist/guitar), who has written every lyric to all seven albums, and Travis Stever (guitar) were strumming.

It was a very warm night in Houston and inside the HOB was drenching with humidity, yet not one of these faithful fans left after a few songs — they were there to the end.

Loyalty is a termed used loosely in the music industry. It would be hard pressed to find another band like Coheed and Cambria who have redefined the term “fanbase.” Loyalty shouldn’t be used with them. It’s their family.

Oh, and the show was nothing short of spectacular.

Enjoy the views.

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David Block

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