Bellator season finale with title fight, two tourney championships

The Bellator MMA weigh-ins have been completed from The Social at Revel in preparation for Bellator MMA’s April 4 event, which will showcase a Featherweight World Title Fight as well as the Featherweight and Middleweight Tournament Finals.

Bellator MMA will take place at Revel on Thursday, April 4with the first fight taking place at 6:15 p.m. CST and steaming live on The televised portion of the night will begin at 9 p.m. CST and will air live on Spike TV.


Featherweight World Title: Pat Curran (144.7) vs. Shahbulat Shamhalaev (144.7)
-Shamhalaev is 10-0-1 in his last 11 fights, but takes this fight on a short notice and came in 1-pound heavy and had to work to drop the pound to make the title fight official. I was leaning Sham, but Curran keeps winning. Will go Curran here, but pulling for the Russian.
Featherweight Tournament Final: Frodo Khasbulaev (145.4) vs. Mike Richman (145.1)
-Frodo has won his last eight and comes into the finale with an impressive TKO win over veteran Marlon Sandro. Richman has KO power, but think he may be a tad over matched here. Frodo gets the $100K check and a shot at Curran/Shamhalaev.

Middleweight Tournament Final:
Brett Cooper (185.2) vs. Doug Marshall (185.4)
-Former WEC veteran Doug Marshall may be 36, but he’s found a new home as he’s won his last 3 Bellator fights. He’s a wild man and can dropa bomb on you at anytime. Cooper (no relation) has won his last six including a semifinal KO win over Dan Cramer. This could go either way, but let’s lean Cooper. Winner gets $100K and a shot at Alexander Shlemenko

Karo Parisyan (171) vs. Rick Hawn (170.7)
-Hawn comes into this WW bout after losing to Bellator’s undefeated LW champion, Michael Chandler. Parisyan, who has went head up with GSP, Matt Serra, Chris Lytle, Nick Diaz and Sean Sherk. The California native makes his Bellator debut, but unless Hawn gets over confident or complacent,Karo will get Ko’d.


Light Heavyweight Feature Fight: Anton Talamantes (205) vs.Liam McGeary (204)
Featherweight Feature Fight: Kevin Roddy (146) vs. BrylanVan Artsdalen (145.2)
Featherweight Feature Fight: Michael Brent Hess (145.9) vs.Will Martinez (144.9)
Catchweight Feature Fight (140 lbs.): Jimmie Rivera (139.3)vs. Brian Kelleher (139.5)
Lightweight Feature Fight: Phillipe Nover (156) vs. Darrell Horcher (156)
Catchweight Feature Fight(188 lbs): Carlos Brooks (188) vs.Tom DeBlass (185.9)
Catchweight Feature Fight (173 lbs): Shedrick Goodridge(172.8) vs. Sam Oropeza (170.5)
Welterweight Feature Fight: Lyman Good (170.8) vs. Dante Rivera (170.9)

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