Video intervierw with Steel Panther at Rocklahoma 2013
Image courtesy of David Block

Steel Panther’s Spreading the Disease tour came to a close on the final day of the third annual Rocklahoma concert festival May 26 in Pryor OK. 

It was the first bus tour in the United States for Steel Panther and we were invited to sit in the back of the bus for a nice chat with Stix Zadinia and Lexxi Foxx to talk numerous things such Lexxi’s ability to communicate with birds and makeup tips while Stix puts on a show and gives some driving advice. Plus we get some more scoop on the new record. 

Oh, let’s not forget Stix and Lexxi had quite an adventure with a photo of my girlfriend. 
Twitter: @steel_panther

Steel Panther-20130526-0001.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0002.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0003.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0004.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0005.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0006.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0007.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0008.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0009.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0010.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0011.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0012.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0013.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0014.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0015.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0016.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0017.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0018.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0019.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0020.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0021.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0022.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0023.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0024.jpgSteel Panther-20130526-0025.jpg

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